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Believing action means change, Intel Taiwan supports coastal cleanup for ocean protection


In 2008, Intel Taiwan started its all-out support for the International Coastal Cleanup from every September to October. Over the past eight years, tons of garbage have been collected. On November 12, Intel employees went to Waziwei in Bali, New Taipei City to clean up a coastal there. Near seventy Intel employees and their families picked up a total of 545 kg of garbage.


In order to help employees better understand the objective and significance of their coastal cleanup activity, Intel arranged a sea-loving lecture at office prior to their departure for Waziwei. The lecture invited the Society of Wilderness to talk about the status quo of oceans and coastal cleanup activities as well as the urgency of ocean conservation.  According to the “sea-loving action in the plastics age” lecture, plastics have overwhelmed oceans, affecting seven hundred types of marine life and incurring an annual loss of US$13 billion. The widespread impact extends to the travel and tourism industry, human health, fishery products, voyages, etc. As plastic particles remain undegradable for as long as one hundred years, what is the coastal environment that we want to leave to generations to come? Eighty-percent of the ocean waste generated in Taiwan comes from daily life, e.g., omnipresent disposable cups made from various materials. Therefore, any coastal cleanup is not an ultimate solution to ocean pollution; it is only a start. The core of the issue lies in each and every one reducing garbage from the source. The humorous and witty lecture helped more Intel employees understand the importance of ocean garbage reduction, encouraging more of them to take part in the coastal cleanup activity.


The coastal cleanup was scheduled for October 14, but stormy waves resulting from a heavy rain on that day postponed the activity to November 12. Nonetheless, everyone remained enthusiastic. After they arrived in Waziwei on November 12, they were first guided by the Society of Wilderness for a local ecology tour and, in particular, briefed on how the ocean waste there should be documented. Consequently, they were asked to categorize and take note of what they collected based on the requirement of the International Marine Debris Conference to provide such data to relevant government organizations, hoping government organizations to implement comprehensive analysis and review of waste processing in Taiwan related to ocean garbage and help transformation of highly polluting industries and manufacturers of disposable products. This would help waste reduction from the source to safeguard the environment and keep beautiful coastlines and oceans for generations to come.

The sweaty coastal cleanup as well as ocean waste documentation and monitoring on that day further helped Intel employees think hard of how to effectively resolve the issue of ocean waste. They believe that action means change beginning from each and every individual and their hands-on coastal cleanup helps learn how to protect oceans, the origin of life.

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