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Intel volunteers provide assistance to elementary schools on a long-term basis and protect frogs together with local schoolchildren this time


Elementary schools in remote rural villages are always a community outreach focus at Intel Taiwan.  Since 2006, the Taiwan branch has been providing assistance to Nanshan Elementary School in Yilan County, Sanmin Elementary School in Taoyuan County, and Qianhua Elementary School in New Taipei City.  The company has spent more than 30,000 hours serving elementary schools in remote rural villages.   In June 2014, Intel volunteers started to provide assistance to Neiwan Elementary School in Hsinchu County.  In January 2015, Intel volunteers started to combine LEGO with Scratch to teach programming to the students there.  This year Intel has started to strengthen the students’ autonomous learning of programming, and English picture books are also combined with a variety of game playing to enable happy and intuitive English learning.


For nearly two and half years of helping facilitate learning at Neiwan Elementary School, Intel volunteers have become friends with the students there. In October, Intel volunteers devised an event of “crossing the road together with frogs” to help their little friends better know their hometown and protect the local environment.


Neiwan Elementary School is located in Hengshan Township, where Mt. Dashanbei is a habitat of Rana sauteri (Sauter’s Brown Frog) endemic to Taiwan. When such frogs are about to breed in every October, they leave their habitat in the mountain after sunset to go to ravine streams awaiting their mates, but they are often run over by vehicles on a local highway when they travel. Therefore, The Hsinchu Society of Wilderness has organized a frog protection team enlisting volunteers to help the frogs cross the highway. In order to help the students at Neiwan Elementary School understand their local ecology, Intel asked the Society of Wilderness to take them to Mt. Dashanbie for frog protection in the evening after their English class. This was an important lesson of life education way beyond ecological preservation.


On that day, all the Intel volunteers and their little friends were very excited.  Instructed and guided by the Society of Wilderness, they carefully placed frogs in mesh catches to move them safely across the highway.  They all held flashlights in the quiet mountain evening with some vehicles occasionally passing by, protecting Rana sauteri endemic to Taiwan and enjoying an amazing experience.

Barry Chuang, an Intel volunteer, took his wife Jennifer Peng with him this time, and Jenifer wrote about how she felt about this tour from a mother’s perspective. Let’s savor her “In a remote rural village, what is the most desirable to a schoolboy who has only one boy classmate in his class?”

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