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Looking for A Star for the Future, Stories from the Taiwan International Science Fair

Cooperating to cultivate talents for innovation

Competition at the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (TISF) is always stiff enough, but the students from Taiwan have been winning many awards over years at the event. They are competitive enough against more than 1,500 formidable peers from more than 70 countries because of the distinctive qualities unique to them.

d2_photo-1Looking for A Star for the Future, Stories from the Taiwan International Science Fair, published by Parenting (publisher for parenting magazines and books), is the first book of its kind on the original intents of these students’ pursuit for scientific research, talking not about how they could win but only about why they wanted to participate. These TISF participants were widely different in terms of their motives for participation, ages, personal backgrounds, research subjects, levels of pressure on them, challenges, as well as different paths of life after they grew up, but their common personality traits are enthusiasm, fearlessness of failures, frequent innovative thoughts, and extraordinary perseverance.

Sixteen geeks in the eyes of others, including those who could not even be considered amateurs of science were inspired by the TISF and started their own wonderful pursuit for scientific research.  The wonderful stories about them and their unique viewpoints tell how they learnt to withstand frustration, solve problems, stay focused, and communicate with others through their participation in this event.

Intel has been questioned by many people as to why the company sponsors the TISF and also invests many different education programs in Taiwan on a long-term basis. The answer is that Intel believes science education and teenagers are key to resolution of many global issues. Therefore, in addition to the TISF sponsorship, Intel supports teacher training, takes care of school dropouts and children of low-income families, and works with major universities to develop curriculum and research projects related to the latest technology developments. What Intel has been doing all aims at developing young people’s passion for science and innovation as well as their critical, logical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, so that Taiwan would have outstanding talents to help strengthen innovation and international competitiveness. On the other hand, Intel luckily enjoys the budget and policy support from the Ministry of Education, long-term partnership with the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC), a group of professors with a strong sense of mission from the Academia Sinica and top universities, as well as many supporters in the private sector. Therefore, Intel’s efforts in science education and cultivation of talents for innovation in Taiwan are able to yield twice the result with half the effort. Looking for A Star for the Future, Stories from the Taiwan International Science Fair, developed together by Intel and the NTSEC, is intended to share how the roles in the book came to an understanding of what they should do in their life by exploring what they are good at and interested in. The sharing is expected to simulate more students and young people to face up to challenges and, in particular, pursue scientific research to make good use the power of science to improve the quality of life and environment.


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