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2016 New Taipei Mini Maker Faire

Maker Faire is organized by the Make magazine in the US. Dale Dougherty, founder of the magazine, emphasizes “We are Makers.” Makers can be anyone who handmake things, no matter they make simple robots at home, toy cars at child’s rooms, or dinner at kitchen. Makers are very curious and enthusiastic inventors. Many great investors used to be such ordinary makers.

Although the spirit of Maker seems to decline as innovations are readily available nowadays, many enthusiasts who are willing to share different ideas with others can still be found at Maker Faire.

Intel provides long-term support to maker communities as well as the local maker education in the areas where it has business presence. The support includes regular and irregular innovation forums, maker camps, and maker spaces in local communities to enable brainstorming for creativity, different projects, and product development. Science and technology lovers of different ages and backgrounds are encouraged to develop themselves into makers, and Intel development boards and kits are provided to them to create new applications, explore their imagination, and enjoy the world of DIY.


Organizing its Mini Maker Faire 2016, the New Taipei City Government hoped to facilitate the exchange among makers and help more people find they are makers too. On October 29, the New Taipei City Hall and adjacent People’s Square were transformed into a super playground for makers to combine contest, exhibition, and workshop activities. “This is the first ever maker event organized by the New Taipei City Government to cover six major categories of life, food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, and recreation as well as entertainment. Participants are over seventy teams,” said Hou You-yi, Deputy Mayor of the New Taipei City. “We hope everyone can take a close look at this world-overwhelming maker trend. One of Taiwan’s future hopes lies in ongoing R&D and therefore everyone is encouraged to become a maker, while young people should have a great maker platform to help cope with the challenges facing Taiwan. I was a maker when I was little. I needed not buy toys because I could make many things such as kites and rubber band handguns.”


At New Taipei Mini Maker Faire 2016, Intel shows a smart robot developed with the company’s Genuino 101 Development Board.


From the left to right are development boards in display catering to different maker needs and wants; they are respectively Intel Joule 570x Developer Kit with Expansion Board, Intel® Edison Module, and Intel® Genuino 101 Development Board.


Both makers and attendants should better understand technology development trends and what creativity really means. In particular, young people should be able to develop themselves into makers to mend and rebuild the world and create their own world.


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