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ken   Managing Director, Client Computing Group

     Ken K. Lau

The 2016 Intel Asia Innovation Summit in mid-November was successful in promoting opinion exchange among scholars, R&D professionals, government representatives, industry leaders, and young innovators from around Asia, developing opportunities for cooperation among young people in the categories of innovation and new technologies while demonstrating many latest key technologies developed by academia in conjunction with business partners. In November, Intel also unveiled its latest artificial intelligence (AI) strategy and launched its comprehensive platform, Intel® Nervana™, specifically for AI. The speediness and ease in use of the new platform can serve as the foundation for highly optimize AI solutions to help even more data professionals solve the world’s biggest challenges on industry standard technology.


Toward the end of 2016, Intel volunteers remained very active, maintaining long-term cooperation between Intel Taiwan and the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families helps take care of underprivileged children and their families. Supporting a fighting poverty campaign launched by the Fund in October, Intel Taiwan held a donation at its office to raise used but in well condition goods and took these goods along with handmade cat paw biscuits to a charity bazaar of the campaign. All the proceeds received from the bazaar were donated to the Fund to help take care of underprivileged children and their families. In terms of environmental protection, near seventy Intel employees and their families went to Waziwei in Bali, New Taipei City to clean up a beach there. Near seventy Intel employees and their families picked up a total of 545 kg of garbage. They also categorized and took note of what they collected based on the requirement of the International Marine Debris Conference to provide such data to relevant government organizations, hoping government organizations to implement comprehensive analysis and review of waste processing in Taiwan. This would help waste reduction from the source to safeguard the environment and keep beautiful coastlines and oceans for generations to come.

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