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Intel Cooperates With BenQ Guru for Six Smart Internet of Things Solutions

To realize the vison for smart internet of things (IoT), Intel has been investing in IoT technology, platform, and product development. Intel has recently signed an MOU with BenQ Guru, a subsidiary of Qisda, to promote a variety of industrial applications focusing on six categories, smart retailing, smart energy, smart education, smart medical, smart manufacturing, and smart business. The MOU covers technology promotion, product development, and channel cooperation to expedite IoT market deployment.

a3_photo-1Left: Dr. Richard Chuang, IoT Solutions Architect, Embedded Sales, Direct Channel Sales, Asia Pacific Japn
Right: Joshua Tzeng, Vice President, BenQ Guru

Smart retailing

Intel processors contribute to the stability, high performance, and energy efficiency of IoT gateways to meet different retail channels’ ever-changing business needs. Intel® AtomProcessor can help retailers develop smart shelves, electronic labels, POS systems, and online-to-offline integration supported by Intel® Core Processor-embedded multifunction media players for facial recognition and smart surveillance, so that consumer traffic, hot spots, and how long consumers stay are available for big data analysis by Intel® processor-based servers. After this, advertising push notifications can accurately target different categories of consumers. BenQ Guru has successfully had the smart retail solution implemented at major telecom carrier stores, airports, clinic chains, exhibition venues, and department stores. In the future, Intel® Retail Sensor Platform will be recommended to be implemented at large retailers to have electronic labels on high unit price products to enable large-scale product sensing as well as smart shelf and electronic billboard surveillance, so that more accurate consumer information gathering and analysis as well as pinpoint marketing and promotion will be available.


Smart energy

Intel® Atom Processor-based industrial computer gateways and Intel® processor-based IoT servers enable smart energy saving and IoT surveillance, analyzing the data gathered to facilitate cloud management and real-time active maintenance to ensure air-control and lighting efficiency by providing real-time information of power consumption. BenQ ESCO., which is responsible for smart energy for BenQ Guru, has had its smart energy solution implemented at a Taiwan retail leader and a global optronics leader for big data gathering and analysis of smart energy saving vis-à-vis power consumption.


Smart education

The smart education solution developed by BenQ Guru connects interactive learning tool, school administration, and campus management platforms, whose Intel® AtomProcessor-based gateways enable real-time transmission of e-fence and air monitoring data to Intel® processor-based cloud servers to help ensure health management for students and the faculty as well as personal safety and campus quality maintenance.


Smart medical

The mobile healthcare car designed by BenQ Guru is supported by Intel® AtomProcessor-based mobile devices enabling real-time healthcare data uploading for data management on cloud. The ultrasonic color scanner designed by Qisda based on Intel® AtomProcessor and Intel® CoreProcessor, with its convenience in use and mobility, helps stay on top of patient health statuses. The smart healthcare and medicine cooperation between Intel and BenQ Guru is expected to be developed into a Smart Healthy Life Station serving individuals, households, communities, and hospitals. Cooperation between the Smart Healthy Life Station and major teaching hospitals and retail leaders in Taiwan to provide community healthcare service will be planned.


Smart manufacturing

BenQ Guru has been steadfastly developing its smart factory solution, a platform with hardware and software integrated and an Intel® AtomProcessor-based IoT gateway to extract production data from endpoints of factory facilities and transmit trustworthy information to cloud for analysis and decision-making, so that automatic guided vehicle, smart warehousing, smart manufacturing, surveillance by smart internet devices, smart environmental safety, and smart situation room management will be realized to enhance material, energy, manpower, and time usage efficiency. The Industry 4.0 IoT solution recommended by Intel also looks forward to leveraging BenQ Guru’s existing smart factory platform to develop an integrated end-to-end smart manufacturing solution.


Smart business

With the aforementioned smart IoT platforms and applications supported by Intel’s high-performance cloud computing infrastructure, BenQ Guru is able to integrate and optimize its smart organization, performance, workflow, and supplier management solutions, and share them with its rapidly growing business customers.

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