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Taking care of underprivileged children and women, Intel volunteers paint their shelter and help raise money for a shelter in Taitung


Intel maintains long-term cooperation with the Garden of Hope Foundation; the Foundation provides assistance to underprivileged children and women in Taiwan. In 2015, Intel volunteers started to visit the Foundation’s shelter to help the children and women there who once suffered from violence or abuse.


The Foundation is a shelter for the children and women whose homes are no longer safe but their relatives or friends are unable to help them. Carefully managed by social workers and counsellors, the Foundation provides not only its shelters but also a happy and warm feeling of being home in order to help the children and women who once suffered from violence or abuse regain their hope for life.

On July 23, volunteers from Intel Taiwan went to a shelter of the Foundation to paint the walls there. Before that, they had painted the ceilings and corridor walls at an elementary school in a remote rural village and had also received professional training on wall painting and waterproofing techniques beforehand at office. Therefore, they are very effective every time when they perform such a job for others. On that day at the shelter, Intel volunteers were first divided into teams to cover the floor with old newspapers and cover other areas not to be painted with adhesive tapes. Painting would be easier and more efficient when the adhesive tapes are firmly and precisely placed. Some of them removed old paints first while others were responsible for applying latex paints. Paints were applied twice in order to enable better color saturation. The painting job was very physically consuming, but Intel volunteers were very detail-oriented although they were soaked by sweat, their clothes were stained by paints, and their hands were sticky with latex paints. They worked skillfully and painstakingly throughout the corridor area, making the walls, corners, and almost every place at the shelter painted beautifully. After their several hours’ hard work, old greyish white walls with cracks and peeled paints had a brand new cream color to provide a bright and comfortable living environment to the children and women there who once suffered from violence or abuse.

After the painting job was done, an Intel volunteer wrote that the cream color means both a lot of sweat and many laughs to start a new life for the place by renovating its old walls that once showed cracks and peeled paints. Intel volunteers considered it very worthwhile for them to spend their energy and time at the shelter because they were happy there and could also feel the appreciation of and gratitude to what they provided.


q3-e4_photo-3Moreover, the Women at Intel Network launched a fundraising for the Foundation’s Taitung shelter. The Taitung shelter — the only one in East Taiwan sheltering women suffering from violence or abuse as well as their underage children — was devastated by Typhoon Nepartak. Employees at Intel Taiwan provided full support to the fundraising; they also invited HSBC and OBI Pharma in the same office building to join their cause. More than NT$600,000 were raised to commence the reconstruction of the Taitung shelter.


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