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Intel Taiwan takes part in Twelve-Hour Famine Campaign as part of humanitarian aid and delivers stationery gift packs to underprivileged schoolchildren at the beginning of a new semester


Continuing the company’s tradition for years, Intel Taiwan took part in the World Vision Taiwan’ Twelve-Hour Famine Campaign again this year.  At the end of July, Intel participants in the campaign at the company’s Nangang office did not have any intake of solids and only had liquids such as milk, soybean milk, coffee, water, etc.


Rapid climate and environmental changes have incurring increasing natural disasters around the world. At the beginning of 2015, the most intense El Nino in fifty years caused severe draughts in Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific, where children suffered from hunger, diseases, and malnutrition. In Taiwan, ongoing economic slowdown and worsening disparity between the rich and poor over the years would make the children of many poor families even more hopeless should any natural or manmade calamity or accident further impoverish their families. Intel’ participation in the campaign not only tried to experience how hungry people feel but also wanted to save the lives of the children suffering from AIDS, famine, natural disasters, and war around the world by paying for the registration of the campaign and donating money to the unfortunate children.


In addition to taking part in the Twelve-Hour Famine Campaign, Intel Taiwan worked with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to launch fundraising and prepare stationery gift packs for unprivileged children. Every donation ofNT$1,000 to the foundation amounted to a brand new book bag and a stationery set bought by the foundation for poor children. Moreover, Intel employees wrote greeting cards to encourage the children to face up to challenges, learn diligently, and remain optimistic to life. Before the beginning of a new semester, the foundation distributed the stationery gift packs along with greeting cards to schoolchildren in Matsu and remote mountain areas in Taiwan. On the campaign day, Intel employees experienced the hunger felt by poor families and took real action to take care of such families.

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