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Intel volunteers keep lone elderlies accompanied during holidays and make anti- mosquito products together with them this time to deal with the scorching summer

As a rapidly aging society is one of the formidable challenges facing Taiwan, Intel started to extend its community outreach to lonely elderlies in 2012. Working with Little Sisters of the Poor: Home for the Aged, Intel has been providing necessary materials to the nursing home, accompanying the dwellers there on festival days, and assisting in rebuilding the nursing home. The nursing home in Taiwan was established by Little Sisters of the Poor in 1968 to accommodate old people who have no one to look after them. At present, the nursing home takes care of fifty old people with an average of 85, providing lifelong accommodation and care to these elderlies who are unhealthy, cannot get around alone, and/or cannot take care of themselves.


This summer is the hottest ever in one hundred years. Therefore, when Intel volunteers planned to visit the nursing home in August, they discussed how to help their elderly friends do something to deal with the scorching summer. A handcraft workshop teacher was invited to lead Intel volunteers to make mint sticks, anti-mosquito bricks, and anti-mosquito lotion together with the elderlies. Before the visit, several Intel volunteers learnt how to make them at office to ensure no material, equipment, and/or process issue while familiarizing themselves with the whole process. After they arrived in the nursing home, they first accompanied the elderlies to write names and mark dates of production and expiration on container labels. At the same time, some volunteers heated and melted the material, added natural anti- mosquito essential oil to the material, and took it to the table for the elderlies to pour it into containers and molds. After that, Intel volunteers poured the proportionally blended anti- mosquito essential oil, emulsifier, and labdanum into anti-mosquito lotion containers for the elderlies to shake the semi-finished product hand. Lastly, cooled anti-mosquito bricks were poured out into lint bags and the job was all done. Accompanied and encouraged by Intel volunteers, many elderlies happily completed their works. Some of them enjoyed the refreshing cool feel and mint fragrance when robbing the mint sticks they made on their skins. They also enjoyed the smell of their anti-mosquito bricks very much.


Intel vounteers then served the scones and beverages they brought along with them to the elderly and helped the elderly move what they just made to the bedroom to hang the anti-mosquito bricks there to expel mosquitos. At the end of the day, the elderly felt the warmth of being accompanied and cared, while Intel volunteers enjoyed a busy and meaningful time, too.


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