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Intern stories series –

Sales and Marketing Group: Nancy Cheng

程子玲 (Nancy Cheng)

Marketing Intern Sales & Marketing Group


I am a graduate student intern of the Sales and Marketing Group. When I joined Intel in February 2016, I knew something about Intel CPUs but was not knowledgeable enough of what they exactly were. Over the past six months, my participation in the planning and implementation of various events has helped me understand them better. I have participated in the promotion of energy efficiency of two-in-one devices, old PCs in exchange for new two-in-one laptops, and promotion of two-in-one laptops to consumers, as well as e-sports events to stimulate consumption.  I have provided assistance to channel partners at major electronics shows such as the Taipei Spring Computer Show and Taipei Computer Applications Show to strengthen the branding exposure of Intel onsite. I have also helped set up various virtual reality experience zones at Computex Taipei. These experiences have helped me learn more about the computer industry as well as Intel’s innovative applications way beyond unlimited to the computer market.


Moreover, every month I have been assisting in the communication with channel partners such as eLife Mall or PChome to understand the sales status of Intel’s existing models. The work has helped me become more detail-oriented especially when I need to analyze relevant data and efficiently communicate with distributor partners. I have also realized that logical categorization is important to managing a great deal of data and getting many things done in time. Moreover, to reduce the mistakes at work, I have to absorb relevant information constantly.

In addition to benefiting from my work experience, I have been lucky enough to meet Diane M. Bryant, Executive Vice President of Intel, when she visited Taiwan. Sharing her career experience with the Taiwan office, she mentioned that females should seek self-breakthroughs at work and try to know those who can help promote them while increasing females in the tech industry. Her sharing was very inspiring to me.


What I most enjoy at Intel is a team like a big family: Georgine is graceful and very competent; Jeremy always takes care of everyone; Tina is attentive and reliable; Jero helps me a lot and always reminds me of what I tend to overlook; Johnny is humorous; Kenny and Carrie take me to visit and communicate distributor partners; and my peer interns Kevin and Kittie work hard together with me. My internship of more than six months at Intel is expected to be an important asset in my life because I have learnt many things that I could not learn otherwise. I really appreciate their care of and support to  me.


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