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Intel APEC Challenge Winner Club 

Collaborate  with the government to help young start-ups

Since 2013, Intel Taiwan has been promoting innovation and entrepreneurism to young people as one of its efforts to fulfill corporate social responsibilities. The annual Intel APEC Challenge organized by Intel together with Siemens and the Ministry of Economic Affairs has helped more than1,200 innovative startup teams as well as 1,500 startup incubators in the region and beyond receive international limelight and have direct dialogues with multinational corporations for cooperation opportunities.


Online-to-Offline was the theme of the 2016 event, which had four areas of innovative applications: M-Commerce, Sharing Economy, Smart Manufacturing, and Next Generation Innovation. At the 2016 event, young startups throughout Asia Pacific shared their combination of physical and virtual channels factoring in different needs to create innovative startup models in these four areas.


The Intel APEC Challenge Winner Club proposed by Intel this year will not only help the winners over the years have the business matchmaking and international marketing opportunities provided by Intel, Siemens, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs but also strengthen the competitiveness of young startups and small and medium businesses by offering free network resources and tools from Acer and Trend Micro, new partners to the Intel APEC Challenge. Moreover, a local and global platform provided by iiiNNO to coordinate with innovators and potential entrepreneurs can help innovative startups resolve their early stage issues, accelerate their incubation, and help them stay abreast with the developments in other Asian markets.


The Intel APEC Challenge Winner Club will also help young startups join TXA Private Board of Directors, whose monthly small-group meetings among members are able to identify their business blind spots, letting them freely share their management headaches with other startups or mentors in order to timely strengthen their competitiveness.


Those common work and maker spaces, incubation centers, startup accelerators, or TXA Private Board of Directors let innovative startups take part in various contests, courses, and meetings such as demo days, hackathons, and networking parties to hone themselves and become even more competitive when facing future challenges.



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