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MAKERS @ 2016 Computex



Dillow is a smart pillow which records your sleeping quality and habit and then uploads the data to the Intel cloud platform . You and your doctor can easily analyze your sleep quality through the cloud platform .

Furthermore, after you set your alarm clock, the cloud platform will automatically adjust your biological clock, awakening you in your light sleep period. Dillow also provides an oriented speaker to prevent you from bothering your companions.

With the speech-to-text conversion system and exclusive App, you can see what you babbling during your sleep and decide whether to share these interesting contents anonymously onto Facebook


Project Jammin


Project Jammin is a multi-modal emotion sensing engine that aims to revolutionize the applications of emotion-sensing in the field of IoT. The key difference between sets Jammin and other existing solutions is that Jammin can run on very low-end hardware as well as offline, making it much more competitive and practical.

Jammin can help tech companies to enhance their applications with emotion sensing. Moreover, it communicates easily with IoT hardware such as Intel Edison. Your lighting, ambient music, and other applications can reflect your current mood all in real-time, providing a powerful host of new possibilities for product designers.




Smart City System with auto-washing, watering, public security and health.
This project is able to channel runoff surface water that usually drains into the sea, for recapture and storage. This can then be used for irrigation and maintenance of artificial planting, and using IOT devices, provide immediate PM2.5 data, detection of GAS and temperature, and can also can be used as a water reservoir for various uses. With this system, it will also change the traditional ditches, planting and road construction methods. It also helps conservation, planting irrigation, fly ash, dredging ditches, and mosquito control. This is done via electronics, that monitor and automate systems that are able to dynamically monitor plant soil humidity, road surface temperature, PM2.5 and chemical gases, Which can also help flag emergency situations.

Just talking 


Today, people want faster, more convenient and safer ways to get to their destinations. This has inspired us to make an Intel-based small car that uses voice to control the car and face recognition to prevent theft. The Intel-based small car fro self-propelled vehicles integrates voice sensor, camera and wireless communication. It is not only able to be controlled by voice and using face recognition technolgoies to detect faces but also deliver data to cloud which can help get you to destinations on time.




This project aims to enhance the interactions between a plant and grower so that the user is able to get more pleasure in the planting process. Specifically, our system facilitates communication between the user and his/her plant via the LINE App.


LINE ( Loopd )


Loopd provides a full-package analytics solution for large events such as trade shows, conferences, and music festivals using Beacon technology. Event organizers and sponsors are given the ability to deep-dive into event reports details such as traffic flow, company-attendees interaction, event engagement, and much more.


Smart X Lab


Developed countries worldwide are experiencing rapidly aging populations. Some countries like Taiwan and Japan, will soon struggle to look after our seniors.
Smart X Lab uses an unique wireless mesh network technology to provide a platform for large scale IoT. Hundreds of sensors and devices can be connected instantly, and controlled in real time via a web portal. With this, we track the precise indoor position of seniors in institutions, and wirelessly monitor vital sensor data like heart rate and breathing. Artificial intelligence can then sense when they may be in danger. This will improve senior care and quality of life.




We are a startup using Intel Edison and Intel IoT and focus on several solutions for medical and healthcare research. We are demonstrating one of our solutions, kinetical motion tracking unit, KINETRAC. One of its key features is its very high stability for human motion tracking. All of our solutions are designed by our unique team which is consist of medical doctors, engineers and data scientists. Some mechanisms and algorithms are patent pending.




Vstone’s communication robot, Sota, hears user’s input (voice) to control smart home equipments to perform tasks such as turning on the  lamp, locking the door, Opening the shutter and turning on air conditioner. The robot understands human natural language to control the home equipment. For example, just say “Hello Sota, Turn on the lamp in the kitchen”, and the robot will understand it and turn on the lamp up in the kitchen as demonstated in the demo GUI on the demo screen. The voice input can be flexible and it is incredibly easy to control the devices through the robot.


PLENGoer Robotics


PLENGoer will demonstrate three methods to control PLEN2: Through its online motion editor, our Scenography app, and using a 3D sensor module. With its online motion editor, it is easy to compose new motions by defining joint positions, saveing the motions, and then uploading them to PLEN2 over USB. Through our Scenography app, which is available on multiple platforms, it allows you to control PLEN2 over Bluetooth using a library of behaviours or a joystick interface. Finally, the 3D sensor module enables PLEN2 to become a “mirror robot” that will copy your movements in real-time.

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