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Intel employees engage in environmental preservation to celebrate Earth Day 2016

Celebrating Earth Day 2016, near one hundred Intel employees as well as their families and friends rose early and gathered at the Intel office to depart for Hengshan Township, Hsinchu, to help preserve the environment there.


At 10:00 am, they arrived in in Hengshan. The Hsinchu branch of the Society of Wildness and local farmers rent a farmland there to engage in organic farming. A briefing and sharing provided by the Society of Wildness helped these volunteers understand the local ecology and organic farming. Led by the Society of Wildness, they rolled up their pants to pick up apple snails by the farmland rice paddy; apple snails are harmful to the growth of rice. Some of them went to a nearby abandoned rice paddy to remove weens and loosen soil, preparing for organic farming there in the future. Many children who had no rice paddy experience before were excited about knowing the animals and insects there, and it was the first time that they witnessed apple snails and their eggs. They reached out to touch soil and pick up apple snails. It was a brand new and special experience that they unable to gain at classroom.


After lunch, they went by car to a habitat of Pseudoamolops sauteri, a species of frogs endemic to Taiwan. Once they were there, they were divided into four teams to remove the garbage and weeds by roadsides. Because the local township office tends to use herbicides, they removed the weeds there in advance to prevent the use of herbicides from impacting the local ecology. Bathed in sweat, they cleaned up many weeds, helped maintain ravine rockery revetment, and removed ravine-blocking withered branches and garbage. The Society of Wildness also introduced the habitat ecology, including how to let frogs cross roads for vehicular traffic to stream sides to lay eggs, enabling everyone to better understand the significance of the frog ecology as well as the value of the volunteer service this time.


Bathed in sweat for the whole day, volunteers from Intel clean up the environments for an organic farmland and a habitat of Pseudoamolops sauteri, a species of frogs endemic to Taiwan. The guided tour provided by the Society of Wildness helps them better understand organic farming and the frog ecology. They spend a meaningful Earth Day.


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