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Intern stories series-Sales and Marketing Group: Kevin YJ Hu

胡原誌 (Kevin YJ Hu)
Marketing Intern Sales & Marketing Group

I am Kevin, a student from the Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation, and Intellectual Property Management, National Chengchi University. At the end of June in 2015, I commenced my internship at the Sales & Marketing Group, Intel Taiwan.
Different from other semiconductor companies, Intel not only maintains close cooperation with OEM and ODM partners but also hosts many different events to communicate with end users in order to better understand what they really need and want. By doing so, Intel is able to work with its partners to develop the products even more satisfactory to end users, and the mission of the Sales & Marketing Group is to serve as one of the channels for communications between Intel and end users.



During my near one-year internship, I took part in several major events such as Computex Taipei and Intel Extreme Masters, ensuring flawless machine operation, effective consumer experience, and correctness of answers provided as well as webpage information because every detail matters. I have also been involved with a number of Taiwan local events, e.g., the Children-Parent Month, freshman activities, live broadcasting, Gaming Zone, etc., and enjoyed a sense of achievement when my ideas were adopted and carried out. My participation in my group meetings and assistance in relevant form and report processing has helped me better understand the CPU industry vis-à-vis Intel and how Intel works with channel partners to achieve sales goals. Moreover, B2B business meetings have helped me learn how to develop and manage B2B relations.


At Intel, I have witnessed how a multinational company makes good use of various resources to maintain flexibility and responsiveness in an ever-changing industry environment while following strict disciplines for development. My internship at Intel amounts to a totally different experience in terms of working with people of different cultures, experiences, languages, and professional backgrounds toward the same objects. I have benefited from my coworkers and superiors sharing a correct attitude toward life and work, and I consider such an attitude more significant than the knowledge and solutions I learnt from work.
Lastly, I would like to thank Georgine, Clare, Jessica, Joanne, Faye, and Elsa as well as my fellow interns, who have been very helpful to me over the past one year and made me as what I am now.


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