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Intel, Chunghwa Telecom and SanJet to Collaborate for Connected Transportation Platform Solution

New Usage-Based Car Insurance System Will be the First Program to be Offered in the Market


June 1, 2016 — Intel®, Chunghwa Telecom* (CHT) and SanJet Technology Corporation* today announced a collaboration to create a connected transportation platform solution to enable cars with new telematics services such as usage-based insurance or interactive fleet management capability. The first program to be offered to the market will be a usage-based car insurance service system that provides drivers with a customized insurance offering based on driving behavior and car usage.

New Solution for Usage-Based Car Insurance
The solution is based on the Intel® Atom™ x3 based telematics dongle provided by SanJet and cloud and big data services from Chunghwa Telecom. The application-ready On-Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II) dongle is designed to collect data streams from an array of vehicle sensors to securely aggregate, filter and analyze that data in the vehicle, sending timely alerts as well as trend data to drivers, fleet managers, insurance companies and even private vehicle owners. All of the collected data will be managed by Chunghwa Telecom’s (CHT) cloud facility using big data analytic capabilities to produce a reference model catering for different industry needs.

The UBI (usage-based insurance) car insurance system program allows the collecting of data on driving conditions through smartphone application (Driving Insight) or 3G OBD-II dongle. CHT will analyze the big data collected by the 3G OBD-II Dongle to evaluate every individual driver’s risk to reliably provide accurate, data-driven, usage-based insurance premiums.

Intel Atom Processors for IoT Industries
The solution is a reflection of the investment Intel has made in building a robust, application-ready, end-to-end platform for transportation that allows new business to develop based on existing infrastructure. Intel® Telematics Software Development Kit (SDK) will also be offered as part of the solution to the market. The kit will allow businesses and developers to create cloud and secure edge apps without the hassle of creating middleware or design custom frameworks.

The Intel Atom x3 processor in this solution is an Intel specially designed chip providing advanced capabilities in a tiny and energy-efficient package catered for IoT solutions across industries – not just transportation, but also retail, manufacturing and healthcare. Intel is committed to working with its robust ecosystem to develop new Intel Atom x3 processor-powered IoT solutions, such as point-of-sale systems, healthcare tablets and industrial devices.

The solution will soon be rolled out through a leading insurance company in Taiwan. The pilot project will first offer car insurance subscribers with trial premium program customized based on the analysis result out of 3 million km driving distance over six months.

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