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Intel Experiential Tech Zone at Computex 2016

Visual computing solution for data center and telecom cloud
This demo is to showcase how Intel Xeon processor E3-1585 v5 can provide real-time 4K HEVC video transcoding and delivery. The Xeon processor E3-1585 v5 has a powerful embedded graphics engine and codec – Intel Quick Sync video – which allows us to use hardware-enhanced acceleration to transcode the video using the latest HEVC codec. This acceleration is so fast that it can do 2 4K 30fps real-time video streams per processor.


OEMs such as Supermicro are moving to more NVMe drives than SATA or SAS based on performance and customer demands.  Intel NVMe SSD provides the best performance (IOPS) and less latency (I/O response time) compared to HDD.  Intel CAS is the cost-effective option to accelerate application. CAS accelerates datacenter without application, SAN, NAS change.  Intel RSTe is the Software RAID solution for NVMe storage directly attached to CPU which provides data protection and higher performance.

In-vehicle Video Surveillance System
The showcased In-vehicle video Surveillance meets specific transportation certifications such as e-Mark and ISO7637, which ensure reliability with built-in GPS module for sensitive tracking and location.  Optional 3G PCIe mini that can transfers location information to the back office in order for the passenger information system to be updated in real-time.


Digital Living Room
Our home media solution, Home Base on AIO and Mini STX FF PC, is a simple, safe way to store, access and share all your content.  Users can keep their files safely in personal cloud, free up space on mobile devices, and enjoy photos and videos again—wherever you may be.
The Intel Compute Stick is a single device that can access your entertainment content across any platform: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, ITunes, YouTube, and more with a perfect balance of performance, security features, and affordability.
2 in 1 provide the versatility, whether it be in tent mode to watch a movie or tablet mode with stylus.  The portfolio of 2in1 continues to grow, inclusive of detachable/convertibles, large and small screen, more than 100 designs in the market across a wide array of OEMs and key channels.
Experience living room gaming with mini PC (Skull Canyon NUC), the most powerful Intel NUC Mini PC ever. The redesigned Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK with 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics unleashes maximized performance for intense game play in a console-like experience.


Intel is introducing a new IA networking SOC, the Intel® AnyWAN™ GRX750.  This SOC is for service provider OEMs/ODMs focused on home gateway (with Wide Area connectivity) and consumer retail/e-tailers OEM/ODMs targeting the Wi-Fi Access Point Market.  GRX750 brings the legendary performance and scalability of Intel Architecture to next generation home gateways. It’s the First ever, all-Intel telco and retail home gateway platform with Dual 2 GHz Core Atom. 10G hardware packet accelerator, 100+ Mbps NAS performance, stunning Wi-Fi performance scaling up to 128 Wi-Fi clients at no performance drop, ready for SDN, NFV, Containers, Home Cloud, Security. One chip, one software, any WAN, any LAN.



Smart office demo – wireless docking and stylus
Intel Wireless Docking improves user experience by removing the need to physically connect the PC to office peripherals, it allows seamless transition from mobility to full office productivity.  Eliminate pain points of limited USB/Display ports, internal small screen and keyboard with an automatic seamless transition.  Uses the 60Ghz supported by WiFi alliance 802.11ad standard (WiGig) allowing very high throughput up to 7Gbps (PHY rates) in a dense environment.
Intel is actively driving advances in Pen implementation with Intel® Precise Touch and Stylus (PTS). Intel PTS provides benefits for Pen usages by reducing latency, increasing sample rates for improved accuracy and palm rejection.  Get More versatility with a 2in1 + Digital Inking, more productive, more organized, more creative.


VR zone is to showcase the new Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme Edition, the most powerful desktop processor ever, connected to the HTC Vive.
Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme Edition, the first Intel 10-core desktop processor, shows extreme performance for enthusiasts featuring the new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.  It provides ultimate platform for PC gaming, VR, overclocking and content creation.



Smart Agriculture – A Self-Learning Sandponics Greenhouse

Intel, Advantech and Natural Stance provide a suite of IoT analytics solution that makes automation and productivity control in greenhouses simpler and easier.  An end-to-end solution that consists of Intel Arduino101, Intel Edison, Advantech WISE-1020/3310 smart mesh sensor boards, Intel IoT Gateway (Advantech UTX-3115), smart camera, data-driven rule engine and Wind River Helix Device Cloud is implemented. Big data and real-time analytics empower the system to learn directly from experienced farmers, and Agrilysts can transform farmer’s knowledge into optimized recipe data for building better & smarter greenhouses with 15x productivity comparing to traditional farming technique.



Communication Robot  “Sota”
Vstone’s communication robot Sota, empowered by Intel® Edison module, hears user’s input (voice) to control smart home devices to perform tasks such as turning on lamps, locking doors, opening shutters and turning on air conditioners.

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