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At the annual Intel Developer Forum, CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich introduced many new products, tools, and plans, including Intel® RealSense™, Intel® Curie™ Module, and the progress in development of the Internet of Things and Big Data. A variety of Intel technologies will be applicable to many new platforms and devices to create many business opportunities for developers.
At the beginning of September, the 6th generation Intel® Core™ was launched. With its lowest power consumption, higher performance, securer computing environment, it is the most powerful CPU so far to support the broadest range of device designs as a great leap forward of the human-computer relation. The 6th generation Intel® Core™ features the brand new 14nm Skylake architecture and delivers up to two and a half times better performance, triples the battery life, and graphics that are 30 times better for seamless and smooth gaming and video experiences versus the average 5-year-old computer. Intel will continue setting performance standards to strengthen the cooperation with its business partners around the world.

Another inspiring news is that Intel Taiwan won the third place in the category of foreign companies in Taiwan of the CommonWealth Magazine’s 2015 Corporate Citizenship Awards for its comprehensive programs for employee care and training as well as promotion of gender equality at work. Since 2011, the company has been one of top-five winners in the category for five consecutive years. On Intel’s annual Family Day, forty children taken care of by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families were invited to a hiking event as part of the company’s tradition for years. There were also a fun and educational guided tour and a handicraft DIY workshop arramhed, and Intel employees’ involvement in the public interest activity not only strengthened their interaction with their families but also exerted a positive influence on the society.

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