Intel Taiwan News Letter 2013 Q3

Jason LS Chen Vice President, Sales & Marketing Group And Taiwan Country Manager
Jason LS Chen
Vice President,
Sales & Marketing Group
And Taiwan Country Manager
This September Intel Developer Forum took place in San Francesco, Intel’s new CEO, Brian Krzanich, and President, Renée James, announced the company’s product developing roadmap and visions for future computing in their keynote speech during this event. This is their first speech after assuming their new roles. Intel shared its latest progress in markets including datacenters, 2 in 1 devices, tablets, smartphones, Internet of Things and wearable devices. They also launched the first 22 nm SoC processor, code name “Bay Trail”, which is used for the development of new generation tablets, 2-in-1, and other devices to deliver even more powerful and power efficient performance. Intel Quark family, the smallest processors ever offered by the company, was also unveiled. It enables Intel to expand its strengthening presence in many markets, such as Internet of Things and wearable computing.

Deep rooted in Taiwan for a long time, Intel has been taking care of the underprivileged. The Taiwan branch’s corporate social responsibility commitment also includes wetland restoration in Wanli Township, New Taipei City; more than 50 types Taiwan indigenous and rare aquatic plants have been restored. Continuing last year’s success, Intel Taiwan this year again won the title of the CommonWealth magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in the category of foreign companies in Taiwan. Moreover, an outstanding working environment plan developed by Intel Taiwan and a holiday bank initiative that allows accumulation of unused annual leave days helped the Taiwan branch win the 2013 Award for Best Companies to Work for organized by the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government, and the three-star award won is the highest honor.


New Intel CEO, President Outline Product Plans, Future of Computing Vision to 'Mobilize' Intel and Developers

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, Sept. 10, 2013 – From datacenters to ultra-mobile devices such as tablets, phones and wearables, computing segments are undergoing exciting and even game-changing transitions, said new Intel CEO Brian Krzanich during today's opening session of the Intel Developer Forum. Krzanich laid out Intel's vision and described how Intel is addressing each dynamic market segment – such as accelerating Intel's progress in ultra-mobile devices – with new products over the next year and beyond, including a new, lower-power product family.

Intel Launches New Multicore, Low-Power SoCs for Tablets, 2 in 1s and Other Computing Devices

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, Sept. 11, 2013 –Intel Corporation today launched its latest family of low-power systems-on-a-chip (SoC), codenamed "Bay Trail," that will fuel a wave of highly powerful and energy efficient tablets, 2 in 1s and other mobile devices to market for consumers and business users in the fourth quarter of this year from leading OEMs including AAVA*, Acer*, ASUS*, Dell*, Lenovo* and Toshiba*.

Intel held Intel APEC Challenge to help Taiwan entrepreneurs stay abreast with international trends

Intel and the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs held an APEC Start-up Accelerator Initiative (ASA) event on August 13 and 14, including an ASA Leadership Summit and Intel APEC Challenge. Approximately 400 representatives from APEC academia, businesses, and government organizations; as well as elite entrepreneurs, venture capital professionals, and incubation mentors. They shared the honor of the winning teams of the Challenge.

Intel Taiwan has been ranked Top winner in the category of Multi-national companies of CommonWealth magazine's CSR award for 2 years

CommonWealth Magazine announced 2013 Corporate Citizenship Awards, Taiwan's most authoritative corporate social responsibility (CSR) barometer The annual awards for corporate social responsibility identify companies with the traits that sustain competitiveness. Intel Taiwan has been ranked Top winner in the category of Multi-national companies of CommonWealth magazine’s CSR award for 2 years in a row since 2012.

Intel Taiwan wins three-star award of "2013 Award for Best Companies to Work for"

The “2013 Award for Best Companies to Work for” -- organized by the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government -- had 82 corporate entrants. Intel Taiwan stood out in five categories: Work environment, compensation and employee growth, benefits and incentives, great place to work, and creativity, winning a three-star award, the highest honor. Moreover, the judging panel for the award was also very impressed by an outstanding “Great Place to Work” program developed by the Taiwan branch to help employees enjoy doing what they are really good at; a holiday bank initiative that allows accumulation of unused annual leave days; and employees and their families encouraged to take part in volunteer activities.

Intel Unveils New Technologies for Efficient Cloud Datacenters

Intel Corporation introduced a portfolio of datacenter products and technologies for cloud service providers looking to drive greater efficiency and flexibility into their infrastructure to support a growing demand for new services and future innovation. The portfolio includes the second generation 64-bit Intel® Atom™ C2000 product family of system-on-chip (SoC) designs for microservers and cold storage platforms (code named "Avoton") and for entry networking platforms (code named "Rangeley"). These new SoCs are the company's first products based on the Silvermont micro-architecture, the new design in its leading 22nm Tri-Gate SoC process delivering significant increases in performance and energy efficiency, and arrives only nine months after the previous generation.


Outstanding Taiwan students from Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center benefit from summer internship in America

The Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center, established by the Intel Collaborative Research Institutes to engage in the Internet of Things R&D, sent six outstanding Taiwan students to the Intel Labs for a summer internship Working together with senior researchers there. They benefited the commitment to forward-looking research at the Intel labs, while their overseas stay and cross-culture communications also amounted to a unique experience in their life.

Intel China Academic Forum 2013 promotes cooperation between academia and businesses while sharing foresighted technology

Since Intel Asia Academic Forum 2012 took place in Malaysia last year, Intel has been further strengthening cooperation with academia and businesses while sharing foresighted technology. The recent Intel China Academic Forum 2013 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, gathered near 150 business leaders, top scholars and industry professionals, as well as technology experts from Intel, via keynote speeches, to share Intel’s technology innovation achievements. The forum served as an in-depth exploration of technology trends, enabling dialogues on new paths to cooperation between academia and businesses while demonstrating the latest academic achievements in teaching and scientific research, and there were also academic exchanges and interaction with the media in many different forms.

Analysis of future business opportunities coming along with the era of big data

The two-day "Taiwan Design Thinking -- User Experience International Elite Summit" hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, gathered leading companies, scholars, and professionals in Taiwan and from abroad, sharing their insights into big data user experiences to help strengthen the competitiveness of the Taiwan IT industry. Despite the wonderful vision depicted by big data, Dr. Melissa Gregg, Principal Engineer for Interaction and Experience research center within Intel Labs, noted that big data would also bring in anxiety and fear because people cannot make sure of whether they see is factual.

Smart dentures are helpful to weight-losing dieting and quitting smoking

H,H, Chu, a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, and his fellow researchers are trying to make a tri-axial senor embedded in the oral cavity in order to develop smart dentures that help monitor diet habits and correct some unhealthy habits such as gluttony and smoking. Effective diet control and quitting smoking are a very important trend of technological application, and the results of Prof. Chu’s experiment will be announced at the International Symposium on Wearable Computer, which will take place in September in Zurich.

Asia Youth Tech Entrepreneurship Camp focuses on social enterprises management

The 2013 Asia Youth Tech Entrepreneurship Camp -- hosted together by Intel and the British Council -- took place at the Eugene Training Center in Cheong Wa Dae, South Korea. The Camp was intended to promote exchanges among young entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific and create more companies that can contribute significantly to the whole world. Therefore, this year the focus of the Camp was how to create and run valuable social enterprises. Two Taiwan representatives attending the Camp were the internationally renowned Jeff Kuo, CEO WhosCall, and young entrepreneur Ronald Yu, Founder of CliPick.
Click here for Ronald's report

Summer internship program provided by Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center is successful in promoting exchanges among international talents

The 2013 summer internship program provided by the Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center had 28 local and overseas applicants and six of them respectively from Mainland China, New Zealand, South Korea, the UK, and the US were accepted. The two-month internship witnessed frequent exchanges between the summer interns and members of the center, and the summer interns also took part in many speeches and visited the lab of the center, benefiting not only from valuable academic exchanges but also a wonderful experience of daily life and attractions in Taiwan.


Intel Model School drives education innovation

In 2013, Intel started its Intel Model School Program in Taiwan, where a consultant team has been organized by National Taiwan Normal University professors, the Institute for Information Industry, and Intel Taiwan to help partner schools develop their visions for teaching innovation and think how education can better benefit from information and communications technology when developing and implement medium- and long-term education policies. The consultant team provides recommendation to the plans proposed by partner schools to help them make their plans more complete and integrate relevant resources to realize the goal of teaching innovation step by step. The team also serves as an internal and external consultant to effectively evaluate the performance of partner schools’ education reform process; their evaluation results serve as an important reference for program implementation in the future.

Li Hemou, a teacher at Youchang Elementary School, delights in ongoing innovation for teaching

The most impressive about Li Hemou is his smiling face, and he is also a great storyteller and always ready to help others. An outstanding teacher widely recognized by students, Li was inspired by a substitute teacher when in high school; the substitute teacher only taught math to Li for several hours but effectively enlightened Li, who had always failed math was able to improve his math score to as high as 80. The personal experience has made Li always bear in mind the positive and profound influence that good teachers can exert, and he has been exploring more effective teaching methods for more than one decade.


Long-term commitment to preservation of wetlands and Taiwan indigenous aquatic plants

In this June, the Legislative Yuan passed the Wetland Preservation Act after three readings. The Act seeks effective wetland management by wetland classification while respecting the status quo of agriculture as well as fishery and salt farms in wetlands in order to prevent possible disputes resulting from implementing the Act. The Act is based on the concept of judicious utilization of wetlands and zero loss in order to enable countrywide and local wetland management that can be considered internationally outstanding.


Intel Taiwan employees volunteer to promote Chinese classics and encourage parents to study Chinese classics together with their children

Some employees of Intel Taiwan have volunteered to provide a Chinese classics study program to children and their parents in order to help Chinese culture really take deep roots in their community, develop the potential of children to create their healthy personality, and strengthen the harmony between children and parents. The program started in this March and takes place on every Wednesday evening at the training room of Intel Taiwan, inviting schoolchildren and their parents in the Minsheng Community where Intel Taiwan is located to take part in the study together with Intel employees. They study the Analects of Confucius, Laozi, Zhuangzi, Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, a filial piety canon, etc. The study is intended to develop the brain power potential of children, help them quickly learn to read Chinese characters, and effectively strengthen their retention. Moreover, the most important about this program is to instill integrity, particularly the traditional Chinese filial piety, into children. The first phase of the program was well received and the program is in its second phase now.

Philanthropic initiatives on the eve of Mid-autumn Festival

Volunteers from Intel Taiwan had a series of philanthropic initiatives on the eve of Mid-autumn Festival, including their participation in Famine for 12 Hours, a donation of stationery, and a visit to a rest home. Their philanthropic initiatives were intended to help underprivileged children and poor elders in Taiwan and overseas. Famine for 12 Hours enabled them to understand what compassion really means, while their registration fees for the event and voluntary donations helped children around the world suffering from AIDS, hunger, natural calamities, and war. The stationery donation attempted to encourage underprivileged children to face up to challenges in education and life. These volunteers also personally wrapped up gifts, brought them to the rest home, and spent a warm time with the elders there.

Charity donation of blood and usable goods

On July 4, two charity events took place at Intel Taiwan, where there were a blood donation and a donation of books, learning materials, stationery, and toys. Many employees brought their donations to office early in the morning; what they provided included many brand new goods. The PC Client Group also offered 84 brand new beach toy sets. A total of 163 kilograms of donations were gathered for the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families as well as schoolchildren of the Nanshan Elementary School in Yilan County. Moreover, Intel employees and some neighbors at the same office building took part in the blood donation on the same day, providing 123 bags of blood to those who in need.

Summer charity bazaar

Intel Taiwan hosted a summer charity bazaar at its office building. The bazaar invited the Children Are US Foundation, Gofe, and Garden of Hope Foundation to sell the bakeries they made. There was also an Intel flea market selling what was donated by Intel employees, and all the proceeds from the sale were donated to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to help underprivileged schoolchildren. Thanks to Intel employees and generous neighbors at the same office building, the summer charity bazaar was successful enough as almost everything was sold out.


Intel Introduces Highly Versatile Datacenter Processor Family Architected for New Era of Services

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN FRANCISCO, September 10, 2013 – Intel Corporation today introduced the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v2 product family (code named "Ivy Bridge-EP"), an industry-leading set of versatile processors that promises to redefine the server, storage and networking infrastructure found in datacenters. With greater efficiency and flexibility, these processors will enable the rapid delivery of services for high performance computing, cloud and enterprise segments, and offer compelling new opportunities for telecommunications vendors.

New Intel Mobile Products, Initiatives to Simplify, Accelerate Developer Innovation

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, Sept. 11, 2013 – Intel Corporation executives today outlined the company's plan to deliver a steady cadence of new mobile hardware and software technologies and told the thousands of developers and industry leaders gathered here that advances in Intel technology will help break down barriers around complexity, bringing new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and speed-to-market.

Intel Sees Humans as the Ultimate Mobile Platform

“Mobility technology has been transforming human society for centuries. Its future will be influenced not only by the shrinking size of computing technology due to Moore’s Law, but also by global population growth,” Bell said. “Our inspiration should come not only from the invention of new technology ingredients, but also from the needs and desires of human beings. It’s not one future we are shaping – it’s 7 billion futures, and counting.”


Bay Trail-T

“Bay Trail” is Intel’s first tri-gate 3-D 22nm quad core SoC and its most powerful processor1 to-date for tablets and other sleek devices that provide a balance of performance, features and battery life. “Bay Trail-T,” now known as the Intel Atom Processor Z3000 Series, is Intel’s most capable, high- performance SoC to-date for tablets and other sleek mobile devices and the lowest-power platform of the Bay Trail family.

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